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Kit Darby is a nationally recognized airline pilot career expert with 35 years experience in pilot screening, selection, and training. Kit provides statistical data and guidance through the constantly changing aviation industry. He is available as an expert witness for written reports, depositions, and trials, specializing in pilot career earnings, employability models, career value, pilot forecasting, and pilot hiring requirements. He also offers litigation support, case preparation and case analysis.

Mr. Darby is currently an ATP-CTP on the B-757/797, B-737, and MD-88 Simulator and Ground Instructor for DELTA Professional Services in Atlanta, GA. Previously he was a B-717 & B-737 Simulator Instructor for Boeing & DELTA Global Services from 2007-2015. A retired B-767 Captain with United Airlines, and military instructor, Mr. Darby has interviewed 21 times with 17 different airlines and worked with four Major, one National airline, and an aircraft manufacturer since 1978.

Mr. Darby's flight experience includes 25,000+ hours' total time, 15,000 hours jet time. Mr. Darby was the president of Aviation Information Resources AIR, Inc., the largest pilot career information resource company for pilots for 25 years (1984 to 2009).

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BS Aeronautical Studies; Airline Transport Pilot: B-717, 727, 737, 757, 767, DC-9, DC-8