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Pediatric Pathology

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Laurel Waters MD FCAP FASCP is an Assistant Clinical Professor with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of California School of Medicine at Davis, and an expert in Birth Trauma, Placental and Perinatal Pathology.

She has done Medico-Legal consultation for ten years, both as defense and plaintiff, for civil, criminal, and vaccine court

She evaluates records, slides, depositions and legal filings. She guides questions for depositions, research and trial.

For the defense, Placental Pathology often shows prior chronic abnormalities. Her Clinical Pediatric and Clinical Pathology training facilitates understanding of the clinical history and laboratory studies.

For the plaintiff, she assists with merit of cases and helps understand causation. Pathophysiology is clearly explained.

Former Associate Laboratory Director: Childrens Hospital Oakland. Former Laboratory Director: UCSF/Mt Zion/Damon Clinical Laboratories and other institutions.

CV available on request.

Education & Licenses

MD, License, CA

Board Certified in Anatomic, Clinical and Pediatric Pathology and Nuclear Medicine