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I'm a retired police captain from CT. As a captain, I commanded the Internal Affairs Division and Training Division. I finished my career as the midnight shift commander. During my career, I taught Implicit Bias, Human Behavior (psychology), Defensive Tactics (use of force), Handcuffing, and Civil Complaints to police recruits and veteran officers. In retirement I continue to teach History of Policing and Procedural Justice, As an adjunct professor at a local college I teach Intro to Criminal Justice and Race, Ethnicity and Crime.

I have a master's degree in forensic psychology and a bachelor's in psychology. I am available for testimony on the use of force, defensive tactics, leadership, supervision, diversity and inclusion, race, ethnicity and crimes, police procedures, implicit bias, and other police-related topics.

My services include promotional exam prep, police academy prep, consulting services, speaking engagements, entry-level Interviews, and life coaching. The promotional exam courses are geared toward individuals who wish to move up the ranks in their departments. For police academy prep courses, I prepare people for taking entry-level exams and what to expect in police academies. I provide consulting on a diversity of topics concerning law enforcement and diversity & inclusion training, leadership and supervision. I am also available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

Education & Licenses

Master's in Forensic Psychology