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With 12 patents to his name, plus 40 years of product design experience, MIT trained mechanical engineer Matthew Stein PE provides expert witness services for a broad range of product liability and patent litigation suits. Stein is an expert on the implementation of ANSI Z358.1, the American National Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment. Stein's breadth of design experience includes a wide variety of products, such as emergency shower/eyewash equipment, drinking fountains, telephone headsets, consumer and electronic products incorporating molded plastic parts, cash machines, solar panels, water filtration systems, pumps, valves, and pressure regulators. As a former world class rock climber, and licensed general contractor, Stein can also offer testimonial on climbing accidents and job site safety. Stein's background as a National Merit Scholar, MIT graduate and bestselling author, combined with his extensive media experience on television, radio and in public speaking engagements, make him a formidable expert witness who is not only technically savvy but also presents exceptionally well in front of judge and jury.

Education & Licenses

* BS Mechanical Engineering, MIT 1978
* General Contractor: CA #805418, HI #24888
* Professional Engineer, CA #M23939