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Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist with 28 years in practice. Member, California Psychological Association; Member, American Psychological Association; Member, National Register Health Service Providers in Psychology; Member, Forensic Expert Witness Association; Member, National Academy of Neuropsychology. Extensive experience testifying in Depositions Arbitration; Testimony contributed to Large Awards for Litigants, and trial testimony. Qualified in wide range of areas in Criminal, Family, Civil, State and Federal Courts. Certified Forensic Expert. Vice President National Honor Society in Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, President's Council on Community Service and Civic Participation, The White House Award, Member Orange County Sheriff, Professional Service Reserve. Expert Reviewer, California Board of Psychology, Enforcement Division. Expert Reviewer, California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Enforcement Division, Expert Medical Reviewer, Third Party Insurance Review Organizations, Guest Editor, Elsevier Publications, Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry (2017), Guest editor, Kaplan & Sadlock (2000), Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, Williams and Wilkins, Expert Reviewer, Pro-Bono Consultant, Interface Children and Family Services and Rape Crisis Hotline, Ventura County, Conduct Training for Domestic Violence Counselors.

Areas of Expertise: Eyewitness ID, False Confession, Brain Injury, Competency, PTSD, Sex Offenders, Fitness for Duty, Medical Record Review, Neuropsychology, Sanity, Criminal Intent, Standard of Care, Neuropsychological Effects of Stimulants and Depressants, Effects of Neurotoxins, Neuropsychological Assessments for the Military Command, Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury, Police Misconduct, Bonding Study Expert, Child Custody, Threat Assessments, Child Memory, Children's Investigative Interviewing, Evaluation of Competency to enter into Fiduciary Agreements. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavior Science, Keck School of Medicine (2005-2006). Certified Forensic Expert, Invited Lecturer to Orange County Superior Court, Child's Counsel Section on Assessment of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations, expert evaluator, assessment of neurodegenerative disorders, independent medical examiner, State of California. Assessment of Issues in Immigration including Effects of Trauma

Education & Licenses

Ph.D., licensed psychologist (CA and PA); Licensed MFT (CA); Assistant Professor, Keck School of Medicine, USC (2005 - 2006)