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Dr. Perrotti is a Forensic Psychologist and Expert Witness with extensive court experience in Civil, Criminal and Family Law matters. He currently maintains a private clinical and forensic neuropsychology practice and is currently a fieldwork supervisor for UCLA interns in the psychology program. He has conducted hundreds of evaluations for the court, plaintiffs, and defense counsel in personal injury, assessment of child sexual abuse accusations, false memory, PTSD, false confession and eyewitness ID. Dr. Perrotti is an Independent Medical Examiner for the State of California and routinely conducts IMEs for plaintiff and defense. Central to his evaluations are objectivity, adherence to ethical guidelines and best practice standards and findings based on evidence-based research. He is a regular presenter of Peer-Reviewed papers to forensic psychologists at the American College of Forensic Psychology. He has served as an expert witness for the Attorney General of the State of California in Standard of Care cases as well as administrative law matters. He is able to assist in detecting of malingering and suboptimal effort on psychological tests taken by litigants. He is an expert consultant to the California Board of Psychology and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

He has also testified in child sexual abuse cases wherein Gold Standard child investigative interview protocols are not followed. He has presented testimony to juries on child memory and false memory syndrome. He has served as a rebuttal witness and has testified on other neuropsychologist’s assessments and reports. He has presented research to juries on false memory, suggestibility, child memory, and child investigative protocols best practice standards. He is certified by LA County Superior Court in neuropsychological assessments on veterans for the US Military Command. He also is an Expert Medical Reviewer and opines on employability of litigants as well as functional capacity. He also has testified as an expert in mediation hearing. He is an expert on conducting child bonding and attachment studies and authored a chapter on conducting bonding studies in child custody evaluations: an integration with neuroscience. He is a court certified child custody evaluator and offers expert second opinions on child custody evaluations. He has been appointed by the court to review and evaluate psychological treatment programs.

Dr. Perrotti has conducted Fitness for Duty Evaluations for the US Military Command, California Board of Nursing, Medical Board of California, and the State Bar of California.


Areas of Expertise: Eyewitness ID, False Confession, Assessment of Brain Injury, Competency, PTSD, Assessment of Sex Offenders, Fitness for Duty, Medical Record Review, Neuropsychology, Sanity, Criminal Intent, Standard of Care, Neuropsychological Effects of Stimulants and Depressants, Effects of Neurotoxins, Neuropsychological Assessments for the Military Command, Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury, Police Misconduct, Bonding Study Expert, Child Custody, Threat Assessments, Child Memory, Child Investigative Interviewing, Evaluation of Competency to enter into Fiduciary Agreements, Unlawful Termination and Alleged Harassment in the Workplace. Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavior Science, Keck School of Medicine (2005-2006). Certified Forensic Expert, Invited Lecturer to Orange County Superior Court, Child's Counsel Section on Assessment of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations, expert child custody evaluator, assessment of neurodegenerative disorders, independent medical examiner, State of California. Assessment of Issues in Immigration including Effects of Trauma; Testified for Attorney General in Standard of Care Matters. Conducted Fitness Assessments of Medical and Mental Health Professionals for Medical Board of California and California Board of Psychology.

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Ph.D., licensed psychologist (CA and PA); Licensed MFT (CA); Assistant Professor, Keck School of Medicine, USC (2005 - 2006)

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