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Jury & Trial Consulting

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Specialties: Civil - Plaintiff & Defense; Criminal Defense
Experience: Theme Development; Voir Dire Strategy, Jury Questions, Questionnaires and Jury Selection; Trial and Evidence Strategy; Preparation of Case Presentation; Preparation of Expert and Lay Witnesses; Presentation and Strategy for Opening Statement and Closing Argument; Mock Trials; Jury Monitoring throughout trial; Post-Trial Jury Interviews; Mediation.
Membership: American Society of Trial Consultants; California State Bar - Associate Member; Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles; Diplomate of the American Academy of Certified Consultants and Experts. Loyola Law School's Civil Justice Program, since 2002.
Other: Presentation Seminar, University of Illinois; Cinematography, UCLA; Bachelors of Science: Univ. of MN; Major: Interpersonal Communication.

Education & Licenses

Pepperdine Univ. Law School, Straus Inst. Dispute Resolution Masters Degree, '06; Pepperdine Law School Mediation Training, '01; ABOTA - Daniels' Trial Academy, Faculty since 1997; Consumer Attorneys Association Seminars; CA State Bar Seminars, Graduate Studies: Non-Verbal Comm., Univ. of MN; Verbal & Non-Verbal Comm.