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Pharmacy Malpractice

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I am doctor in pharmaceutical sciences with a Pharm.D. degree from USC since 1991.

Areas of Expertise:
*Anything and everything pertaining to medications and illicit drugs
* Psychopharmacology
* Hospital Pharmacy
* Geriatric Pharmacy
* ICU, SICU, Pre-op or Post-op Surgery
* Pain management
* Drug addiction
* Drug overdose
* Polypharmacy
* Long term care
* AMBIEN DEFENSE and related cases
* Wrongful Prescribing
* Wrongful Dispensing
* Wrongful death
* Personal injury
* Nursing home abuse and neglect
* Regulatory proceedings and standard of care with certain capacities in medical malpractice when it is medication related and more
* Matters related to medicines, their side effects, mismanagement of dose, wrongful prescribing, or combination therapy resulting in harm to patients

In addition to my forensic work, I have invented a hair regrowth formula with a patent pending status and started a hair clinic in my area. I have been treating females and males with ages ranging from 14 to 87 years old for hair loss and hair thinning and my success rate has been 100% in terms of hair growth. In other words, 100% of my patients have fully regrown their own hair back thus far without experiencing ANY SIDE EFFECTS. In fact, all my patients have been referred to me by word of mouth. I see many patients who have been harmed by past surgical procedures, or wrong medication prescription. I feel confident rendering opinion in the area of elective cosmetological/medical-surgical malpractice issues due to my experience and expertise in the above area.

I have been practicing Forensic Pharmacy for over 27 years and have assisted many law firms all over the United States. Distance is of no object as I am happy to travel as far as needed to assist you and your firm.

Please contact me for more info and a CV if I can be of any service to you.