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Forensic Document Examination

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Ms. Barto is a court qualified Forensic Document Examiner that began her career in 2007, and has examined over 500 document examination cases involving over 7500 documents. Her vast range of expertise includes disputed documents and forgery of signatures including: wills, checks, contracts, deeds, account ledgers, medical records, signature verification and authentication. Investigation and analysis of: questioned handwriting, forged documents, identity theft, alterations, obliterations, typewritten documents, altered medical records, graffiti, handwritten numbers, and computerized and handwritten documents. We help bring justice to those through the implementation of forensic science objectives in the area of handwriting and questioned document examination. I am your local and honest forensic document examiner, and I can help you to solve your questions regarding authenticity of documents, and in most cases the identity of the writer. It's more than just handwriting analysis... it is examining the entire document for fraud. I am your local handwriting expert.

Education & Licenses

A/A Psychology and Legal Assisting; Notary Public