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Our team of experts has never failed a Daubert Challenge. All NEFCO O&C investigators are W2 employees, average 20+ years in fire or police services and are credentialed as CFI, CFEI or both. Since 1993, NEFCO has helped recover millions of dollars for major insurance companies and the nation's top subrogation law firms. NEFCO's court-qualified investigators specialize in large loss, are well versed in NFPA 921/1033 and diligently pursue potential subrogation. Click on VIEW RESUME to see complete list of individual experts, credentials and locations listed by state

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All O&C Experts are CFI, CFEI or both. Click on VIEW RESUME to view complete list of local investigators and their certifications. Individual CV’s furnished upon request. All of our experts at W2 employees, not 1099 contractors