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Author of Fighting Slander (4th ed.), internet and digital analyst Nicholas Carroll has been distributing information online through the internet and World Wide Web for over 25 years. He has deeply studied online defamation and search engine optimization, whether through blogs or social media, and has been using social media on Usenet since the 1980s, and venues such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter since their beginnings.

Mr. Carroll provides expert witness testimony or litigation consulting in defamation cases, based on 15 years of regular contact with defamation law and cases, analyzing the spread of online defamation, and hundreds of consultations with victims of defamation (as well as experience with spurious claims).

He has expertise in slander, libel, monetary and economic damages, emotional distress or mental anguish, libel review, false light, product disparagement, privacy, and malicious prosecution.

He can also provide emotional distress validation (or contrary opinion), clearly describing the anxiety of victims, up to the point of making them unable to work.

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BS Technology Management, Univ. of Maryland