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Primary Area of Expertise
Construction Accidents
Expert Witness and Consultant with over 35 years of industry experience, providing investigations, research, and opinions.
C/V available upon request.

Services offered are as follows:
Construction Related Accident Investigation and Analysis, specializing in cases involving Personal Injury, Heavy Equipment and Construction Site/Work Zones, and Slips-Trips-Falls.

Industry Standards of Care
Means, Methods, and Task Specific Procedures
Site Safety
Work Zone Specific Pedestrian and Vehicular Protection Requirements

Other areas of consultation are:
Heavy and construction equipment operation, slips and falls, building site safety, roadway traffic control, pedestrian safety, excavation and grading related accidents, guard rails, pavement surfaces, landscaping and erosion control, street lighting and signalization, underground utilities, trenches, sewer and water lines, roadways, streets, paving, DOT work zone requirements, OSHA safety and building code requirements.