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Physical Therapy

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Dr. Roubal has been practicing physical therapy for over 40 years. He is the owner of one of the original private practices in southeastern Michigan - Physical Therapy Specialists, P.C. Physical Therapy Specialists treats all age groups and conditions; moreover, the clinic is a certified Medicare Rehabilitation Agency. In addition to practicing physical therapy, Dr. Roubal also is diligent about his continuing education; teaches; mentors; is an internationally peer reviewed published researcher; has served in leadership roles on several profession specific boards; and, is a Hospice volunteer therapist.

Over that last 30 years he has had the pleasure of serving his profession and community providing expert testimony in the area of physical therapy and rehabilitation, with extensive experience in both defendant and plaintiff work - averaging approximately 4-6 cases per year.

He sees it as an extension of his life's work and yet another way to both help shape, uphold, and protect the standards of his profession and be an advocate for the patient's right to quality care and ethical medicine.

With his extensive experience, expertise, and winning results and strategies, he is a strong and reliable asset.

Education & Licenses

DPT, Ph.D., MSc, OCS; Licensed to practice Physical Therapy in CA, FL, MI, and NY.