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With more than 45 years of experience, Peter has done meaningful work with most areas of life insurance; with reinsurance; with corporate, practice standards and reinsurance as well as matters involving economic loss issues. Fluent in English and Spanish, Peter has had significant experience with international operations.

Whether it is for plaintiff or defense counsel, judges, trust officers or other parties, Peter is able to review pertinent information and provide guidance and assistance with various considerations and issues such as: initial review and evaluation of issues involved; valuation/appraisal of specific items or losses involved; preparation of a clear and understandable report setting forth the basis of work performed, results and conclusions based on such work. Peter is also available to provide assistance in furthering the client's understanding of the issues involved. Peter is available to assist as an expert consultant or as an expert witness ready to provide pertinent testimony on the issues and work involved.

Areas of expertise include work with annuities, life insurance, health insurance, disability income insurance, life settlement and viatical transactions and transactions involving the sale of certain future annuity benefits. Aside of insurance contract interpretation, services offered include valuation of marital assets for division purposes, analysis of individual pension benefits, valuation of life insurance policies and future benefits.

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