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Eyewitness Identification

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Pretrial consultation and expert testimony on eyewitness perception and identification; fingerprint science; memory; language; and human factors of safety and accidents. (1) Eyewitness accuracy: effects of conditions of observation, intervening events, police procedures, lineup identifications and prior testimony. (2) Fingerprint science: accuracy of fingerprint comparisons, evaluation of comparison methods and laboratory procedures underlying scientific assumptions and evidence; training and proficiency of examiners. (3) Memory: accuracy of recall by adults and by children, including recovery of memory. (4) Language: children and adults' comprehension; verbal and non-verbal harassment; factors of verbal interviewing that may alter memory; assessment of language disabilities. (5) Human factors: analyses of transportation, industrial and residential accidents in which equipment failure, human reaction/decision time, training adequacy, attention, error, and warning signage may be implicated.

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Ph.D.s in Human Experimental Psychology and in Experimental Linguistics; Fellow, American Psychological Association; American Psychological Society; Certified, Speech Language Pathology. Together, we have 45 years courtroom experience, 70 years research, 12 books and 250 research articles published.