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Acoustical Engineering

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Acoustical Engineering Consultants providing testing, analysis, and reporting in all areas of Acoustics:

Sound Level Surveys, Community Noise Exposure / compliance with State and Local Noise Guidelines / Ordinances. Testing for product and materials performance and qualification to ISO, ANSI, ASTM standards / certifications; e.g. ASTM E-90, iso 140, iso 3745 / 3744 (free field sound decay), iso 3741 (reverberation rooms). Sound Testing in Audible Range and High Frequency. Soundproofing and Soundproofing Materials and Technologies. Air and Structure Borne Noise Source Identification.

Room Acoustics: . Design of specialty Audio Rooms. Conference Rooms, Music Practice, Recording, Listening Rooms, Sound Test Rooms, Sound Quality, Speech Intelligibility, Reverberation Time, Echo Mitigation or Elimination, Church Acoustics, Concert Halls, Auditoriums, Traffic Noise, and Sound Barrier Design.

Product Design / Product Development for Noise Control or Quiet Operation. Machinery Noise and OSHA compliance surveys. Gunshot analysis and testing. Mechanical Noise & Vibration Control. Audio component testing. Audiometric Instrumentation and Testing Procedures. Aviation Noise and Acoustical Fatigue. Acoustical and Audio Forensics.