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Dr. Richard Parent has been engaged in support of litigants, both plaintiff and defense, since 1984 and his focus has resided with issues of causation. He routinely carries out impurities qualifications on drugs in accordance with the FDA and ICH guidelines and also conducts Product Safety evaluations on cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toys, pesticides, dietary supplements, industrial chemicals, REACH and consumer products for both the domestic and international markets. Dr. Parent is not only certified by two Toxicology certification boards (DABT, FATS) but is also certified in Regulatory Affairs (RAC) and is a recognized expert in France and the European Union (ERT). Recent litigation activities have included benzene, welding fumes, heavy metals, PBDPE, diesel exhaust, crude oil toxicity, diacetyl, 1, 4-dioxane, mercury, formaldehyde, methadone, lead, steroids, cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone, ozone, vinyl chloride, creosote, bath salts, fracking fluids, arsenic, various prescription drugs, coal tar, ephedra, trichloroethylene, chromium, dioxins, PCBs, alcohol (DUI, OUI, DWI, Dram Shop), drug intoxications, among others. Dr. Parent has created an in-house electronic literature database comprising over 34,000 peer-reviewed publications among 250 compounds and chemicals, available for use in support of various endeavors.

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