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CipherBlade is a team of experienced and credentialed experts and investigators for all matters involving cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain technology. We are available to testify, audit, track, investigate and advise on any technical aspects involving cryptocurrency. We conduct full-scale investigations, conduct forensic analysis or accounting for cryptocurrency assets, often known as blockchain forensics, and act as expert witnesses when requested. Our CSO and Co-Founder, Richard Sanders, is seen as the “go-to” by numerous law enforcement and regulatory agencies internationally. Rich has extensive experience “writing the book” on mapping blockchain transactions and explaining the movement of assets to laymen with little or no blockchain experience.
Rich's expertise is frequently sought for matters involving suspect or fraudulent ICOs, investment fraud cases, Ponzi schemes, exit scams, SIM Swapping, cybercrime, stolen cryptocurrency, extortion, ransomware, digital forensics, computer forensics, digital security, cybersecurity, fraud, device forensics, hidden cryptocurrency, and crypto or digital asset recovery. He's also frequently asked to conduct security or funds audits to determine solvency, use of funds, or fraud.
Our firm has a proven track record of success to back our reputation. We leverage experience that nobody else has with tools that few have access to, and provide work of unparalleled quality.

Education & Licenses

Chainalysis Reactor Certified Professional CORe, Harvard Business School