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Dr. Pozos has had extensive experience studying human response to environments resulting in hypothermia and hyperthermia. He has conducted ethically approved human experimentation dealing with hypothermia, hyperthermia, cold-induced vasodilation as well as local cooling experiments. In addition, he has also evaluated the insulative effectiveness of flotation devices and exposure suits.

He has authored chapters concerning primary and secondary hypothermia. Current studies have investigated local cooling systems used to minimize pain after surgery which play a major role in producing non freezing cold injury which is distinct from frostbite. Dr. Pozos established the hypothermia laboratory at University of Minnesota-Duluth School of Medicine where he was a professor of physiology and subsequently was one of the chief civilian scientists at Naval Health Research Center in San Diego where he evaluated the thermal effectiveness of military garb for combat operations. Dr. Pozos is currently professor of biology at San Diego State University.

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Ph.D. in Physiology, Post doctoral training in Clinical Physiology