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Robert John Zagar PhD MPH does machine-learning, internet-testing (97% sensitive-specific) for brain damage, deception, malingering, mental illness, substance abuse and violence potential. This is better than current ways such as background-credit checks (25%), interviews-judgment (46%), medical exams (49%), paper-and-pencil tests (75%) which combined are 39% sensitive-specific.

* testified before the U.S. House of Representative Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security;
* (b) influenced the U.S. Supreme Court in Miller v. Florida and Graham v. Alabama to re-examine 2,500 life-sentenced without parole juveniles by showing lowered decision making in these youth;
* persuaded President Obama to commute or pardon 6,800 federal nonviolent prisoners;
* convinced Chicago Cook County President Preckwinkle to divert 56% nonviolent offenders from jail; (e)
* motivated Chicago Mayors Daley and Emanuel to give 147,253 high risk youth jobs, mentors and anger management saving 640 lives and hundreds of millions in expense;
* induced Mayor Daley to share research on violence with the University of Chicago who established a Crime Laboratory in August 2008; and
* effected Pope Francis to form a committee to deal with clergy misconduct (

Robert is:
* a forensic neuro-psychologist using the best evidence-based, peer-reviewed computerized tests to objectively, reliably, sensitively, specifically, validly give successful outcomes;
* developed the Standard Predictor of Violence Potential to measure the probability of future aggression based on demographic descriptors with AUC=.91 for youth and AUC=..99 for adults (; along with the MMPI-2/A and other tests, these measures offer the best assessment for competence, criminal matters, custody, hyperactivity, learning disability, malpractice, personal injury, parole-probation-decision making, workers compensation and others;
* published over 50 scientific articles including the entire February, 2009 issue of Psychological Reports: "Predicting and Preventing Homicide: A Cost Effective Empirical Approach from Infancy to Adulthood;"
* worked in courts, hospitals, industry, schools and universities;
* completed a doctorate in research design and statistics in psychology from the best program in the U.S. as rated by the American Psychologist, 2 postdoctoral fellowships at Rush University Medical School (sleep disorders center) and University of Illinois Medical School (public health master's degree), 2 years of basic medical sciences (Barry University) and did 1000 neuropsychological exams before his doctorate;
* speaks Polish;
* a registered clinical psychologist, certified school psychologist, on the National Register of Health Care Providers in Psychology, and an officer in the historically "first" juvenile court, Cook County, where he tested abused, neglected, delinquents and criminals.

Robert John Zagar PhD MPH, Registered clinical and certified school psychologist National Register of Health Care Providers in Psychology, Officer, Circuit Court of Cook County-Juvenile Division, Professor, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Assistant Professor, Calumet College of Saint Joseph

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PhD, MPH; Registered Clinical Psychologist; Certified School Psychologist; National Register of Health Care Providers in Psychology

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