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Petroleum Reserves

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As the premier worldwide specialist in independent evaluations of petroleum reserves, Ryder Scott provides expert testimony before state and federal regulatory bodies and courts of law. The Houston-based, oil and gas consulting firm also provides arbitration services and litigation support. Projects include those for equity determinations and redeterminations and field unitizations. The firm has a staff of almost 80 professionals, including geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and modeling specialists. Ryder Scott has branch offices in Denver and Calgary.

The firm has extensive experience in risk analysis as well as more than eight decades of hydrocarbon property evaluation experience. That unique combination of risk modeling skills and strong technical heritage uniquely positions Ryder Scott as an expert in legal proceedings and arbitration hearings.

Ryder Scott offers the internationally recognized third-party reliability and credibility that may be pivotal in bringing all involved parties to an agreeable position or in reaching a favorable outcome.

Projects range from international dispute resolutions in The Hague to district court cases in the U.S. Ryder Scott has conducted technical evaluations and presented several reports and expert witness testimonies to International Chamber of Commerce tribunals.

The firm conducts witness training seminars to prepare teams of experts for legal proceedings. Ryder Scott assists law firms in the coordination and supervision of integrated technical teams to analyze all aspects of oil and gas operations, including drilling and facility engineering, economics and market analysis. Our experts also condense technical information into clear, cohesive legal communications and submissions.

Education & Licenses

Texas Board of Professional Engineers License No. F-1580