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Dr. Said Ibrahimi MD/QME is boarded in Neurology and sub-speciality boarded in Brain Injury Medicine. Dr. Ibrahimi is also an QME(Qualified Medical Evaluator) in the state of California and deals with worker compensation cases. Dr. Ibrahimi is also an Item/Question Writer for the American Board of Brain Injury Medicine Exam through the ABPN and ABPMR.

In the Bay Area of California Dr. Ibrahimi has three current office locations, and see a broad array of neurological conditions including stroke/Tia, Epilepsy, brain injury-concussions, carpal tunnel. In the office Dr. Ibrahimi offers several Neuro-diagnostic testing including EEG(Electroencephlograms) and EMG/NCS Studies.

Dr. Ibrahimi has also been stroke director for two primary stroke centers, and has been on the stroke panels for several comphrensive and primary stroke centers in the past.

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CA and AZ Licensee, QME Licensee in CA, Board Certified Neurology and Brain Injury Medicine