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Life Insurance

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Scott J. Witt of Witt Actuarial Services, LLC, an actuary and one of the nation's only fee-only life insurance advisors, serves clients throughout the U.S. including attorneys, financial planners, individuals, banks, business owners, accountants, and trustees of insurance trusts. He is compensated on a fee-only basis, allowing him to serve in a true fiduciary capacity for his clients. Because he has no financial stake in the decisions his clients make, there is no conflict of interest in his recommendations. He provides expert analysis, reports, and testimony regarding a vast array of life insurance topics, including policy suitability, variable life analysis, evaluation of statements made by salespeople, replacement appropriateness, life settlement decisions, insurance schemes, damage calculations, and policy valuations.

Areas of Expertise: Actuaries, Insurance Valuation, Arbitration - Life, Insurance Appraisals, Insurance Bad Faith, Insurance Financial Analysis, Insurance Mediation, Life Expectancy & Mortality (Actuary), Life Insurance and Insurance Disputes - Sales Practices & Bad Faith

Education & Licenses

FSA, Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
MAAA, Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
Financial Services Affiliate Member of NAPFA
M.S. in Statistics
B.S. in Mathematics, Computer Science