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Civil Engineering

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Dr. Shakir Shatnawi has a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering and Pavement Design, and Masters in Construction Management with over 27 years of practical and extensive engineering and transportation expertise covering industry and public agencies including Caltrans and FHWA. Currently providing expert witness services, expert testimony and litigation support to attorneys and legal entities on cases related to accident reconstruction, analysis, design standards, construction specifications, construction defects, guidelines, policies, public agency practices, transportation, roads, pavements, airports, materials, highway geometric design, drainage, asphalt, concrete, soil, repairs, maintenance, inspections, rehabilitation, construction quality control - quality assurance, construction claims, inspection, settlement, dispute resolution, pavement surface conditions such as friction, skid resistance, surface discontinuities, cracking, rutting, defects, potholes and roughness, failure investigations, forensic engineering, traffic, safety standards, construction work zone accidents, construction safety, safety operating procedures, roadside hazards, signage, sight distance requirements, ADA requirements, code violations, and engineering analysis.

Education & Licenses

Ph.D. in Engineering with emphasis on transportation and pavements
Masters in Civil Engineering with emphasis on Construction Management B.S. in Civil Engineering
California Professional Engineer's License # #52795