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Sexual Harassment

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Specialist in human resource & employment issues, sexual harassment/employment discrimination (500+ cases), large scale and severe PTSD, emotional traumas, male on male sexualization, female on male sexualization, psychological traumas, victim traumas resulting from sexual acts, sexual behaviors (assault, inappropriate or compulsive acts), corporate policy and policy implementation analysis, identifying corporate responsibilities (defense & plaintiff), post traumatic behaviors/damages/restitution, mental health malpractice/sexual acts, official oppression, evaluation of mental health testimony & experts, violations of corporate policy, criminal sexual acts. Dr. Julian holds clinical degrees in Public Policy, Human Resources, and Clinical Psychotherapy.

Her expertise in sexual harassment, clinical mental health issues, sexual behaviors and human resources has been expanded by her professorships, vast work experience and over thirty years in the field handling a wide and unusual variety of cases. In addition she holds graduate degrees in Human Resources and Clinical Counseling and a post-doctorate in sexual science. She has taught Criminal Justice, Public Policy, and Human Resources on the graduate university level.

Diplomate and Fellow Board of Forensic Medicine. Diplomate and Fellow Board of Forensic Expertise, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Certified Gambling Addiction Specialist, Clinical Sexology, Professional in Human Resources (PHR), and an instructor in Mediation and Family Facilitation.

Dr. Julian has appeared frequently in the media along with hosting a popular radio show.

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LPC, LMFT, Diplomate & Fellow Forensic Medicine, Diplomate & Fellow Forensic Expertise

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