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Sexual Assault

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INTREPID Forensic Healthcare Consulting provides first-rate consulting and expert witness services to prosecutors and defense attorneys in the military and civilian court systems world-wide. Specializing in criminal matters, areas of expertise include:

* Sexual Violence
* Stalking
* Domestic
* Violence / Neglect
* Assault & Battery
* Stabbing / Gunshot Wounds
* Strangulation
* Personal Injury
* Auto Accidents
* Accidental Death / Homicide
* DUI / Drug Charges

When you work with INTREPID FHC, you are adding an integral member to your litigation team who will enhance your case by:

* Identifying relevant medical issues
* Researching and summarizing medical literature
* Collaborating on trial strategy
* Pinpointing case strengths and weakness
* Anticipating oppositional tactics
* Providing expert witness testimony or locating expert witnesses

INTREPID Forensic Healthcare Consulting is committed to Integrating healthcare and the law to strengthen justice.