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Primary Area of Expertise
Construction Defects
Mr. Luth is an active third generation builder with over thirty-five years of experience in all phases of construction. He founded AAQ Consulting, LLC in 2001 and through this company has provided consulting services to hundreds of property owners, insurance companies and attorneys to help them understand failed construction processes. His expertise focuses on design, construction details, estimating, scheduling and project management. Mr. Luth is experienced in assigning risk to subcontractors and their associated cost of repairs for damages to a project.

Litigation Support: Expert Witness, Reports, Estimates and Photography.

Additionally Mr. Luth offers Forensic Evaluation of construction related matters in the following areas:

Codes and Ordinances: Compliance with Building Codes, Local Ordinances, Industry Standards and Good and Workmanlike practices.

Building Failure: Analysis of Construction Defects, Cause and Origin of Failures, Microbial (Mold) Testing and Remediation, Grading and Drainage Evaluation and Plumbing Failures.

Roofing Failures: Flashing Details and Construction Defects on all Roofing Types.

Building Envelope: Water intrusion can occur from Manufacturer's Defects, Improper Installation Procedures or Physical Stresses (Wind, Rain, Hail, Expansion/Contraction Cycles or Physical Damage). Field Testing for Water Intrusion through and around Windows, Glazing, Penetrations, Flashing, Roofing and Veneers. Stucco and EIFS Design and Evaluation.

Cosmetic Evaluation: Drywall, Paint, Stucco, Masonry, Trim, Tile, etc.

Construction Accidents including Slips, Trips and Falls: OSHA Compliance by the trades and general contractors relating to Job Site Accidents.

Estimating: Xactimate, RS Means, National Estimator, Planswift, Bids and Personal Experience.
Education & Licenses
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the School of Engineering at the University of Nebraska; Mold Assessment Consultant License Texas and Florida; OSHA Certified