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Truck Maintenance

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Tom R. Ward has been in the trucking repair industry for almost 30 years. He was a mechanic for a worldwide Hazmat transporter and Shop Foreman for 10 years. Tom is a highly trained heavy duty truck and trailer mechanic who can troubleshoot, inspect and repair all aspects of truck and trailer operating systems. As Shop Foreman, Tom has managed yard operations, trained mechanics, and has written ISO 9000 work instructions. He is also well adept at Cryogenic, CO2, and L.N.G. pump and plumbing repairs, as well as DOT and BIT inspections. Mr. Ward has over 20 certificates of training in the repair and maintenance of commercial trucks and trailers.

Areas of expertise

Truck drive train; engine management; transmission and clutch; steering systems; suspensions (both air and leaf); braking systems including ABS; Power take off (pto) systems including shaft driver and fluid driven; high pressure hose maintenance and repair; trailer maintenance; suspension; coupling devices; unloading systems including auxiliary motor, high speed pump high pressure and gravity; tank trailer maintenance; cryogenic and high pressure tube trailer including all special Federal inspections; high pressure valve including fire and air operated; cryogenic and high pressure piping systems; related systems for handling Hydrogen, Oxygen, Helium, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen in both liquid and gases form; railcar, tank and box car inspections and maintenance.