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W. Timothy Finn II, Principal of FMC, is a recognized expert in banking matters, including such areas as lender liability, industry standards of care, regulatory matters, bank stock valuations, shareholder rights, account administration, director/officer conduct and liability, fraud and fraudulent financial statements.
Mr. Finn has qualified as an expert in numerous State and Federal jurisdictions and has been retained by law firms as a banking expert in over 75 litigation engagements.
Mr. Finn has published State Bank Performance Reports for over 15 years, ranking banks in each state based on a composite of metrics from earnings to asset quality.
Mr. Finn has more than 30 years of experience in several facets of the banking industry - including years as a small-town banker, banking consultant, expert witness, and investment banker and securities principal. This experience means Mr. Finn can provide valuable insight into case matters. He can assist both from the industry perspective, and from the regulatory perspective, offering a comprehensive assessment and well supported opinion.

Expert Testimony, including but not limited to:
* Litigation and Discovery Consulting
* Lender Liability
* Industry Standards of Care
* Regulatory Matters
* Director and Officer Conduct and Liability
* Bank Stock Valuations
* Shareholder Rights
* Account Administration
* Fraud and Fraudulent Financial Statements

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