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Expert witness testimony for complex litigation involving damage analyses of lost profits, reasonable royalties, lost earnings, and lost value of business, forensic accounting, fraud investigation, investigative analysis of liability, marital dissolution, and tax planning and preparation. Excellent communicators with extensive testimony experience. Prior Big Four accountants. Specialties include: accounting, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, business interruption, business dissolution, construction defects, delays and cost overruns, fraud investigation, intellectual property including patent, trademark and copyright infringement and trade secrets, malpractice, marital dissolution, personal injury, product liability, real estate, securities, separate and community property, spousal support, tracing, taxation, unfair advertising, unfair competition, valuation of business, white collar crime and wrongful termination.

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PhD's, MBA's, JD's, CPA's, CFF's, CFE's, ASA's, CVA's, ABV's, CGREA's, CREA's, CCRA's