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Milberg Strengthens Litigation Support and Data Hosting with Division SpinOff

Milberg Announces Spin Off of Litigation Support and Data Hosting Services Division: Based in Stamford, Conn., the new business will continue to serve litigants throughout their discovery process from the start of a case assessment to trial.

Original published on: Legaltech News, November 19, 2015 By: Trudy Knockless Milberg, a class action and complex litigation firm, has made structural changes, spinning off its litigation support and data hosting services division into an independently-owned business. Renamed Meta-e Discovery, the new business will continue to serve litigants, mainly plaintiffs, throughout the discovery process from the beginning of a case assessment to trial. “The principal purpose [of the spin off] is to enable the business to be more flexible and nimble to its litigation support and data hosting clients’ needs. Working under the umbrella of a law firm can pose some limitations insofar as growth opportunities, including servicing other law firms. We now have a broader base for business development,” Paul H. McVoy, who was appointed Milberg’s chief discovery officer in February, told Legaltech news. He said this move will enable the company to market itself in a new, distinct way, which will allow it to grow dramatically in the short term. The new business can now bring in services that may not have made sense in the law firm context, forensics and consulting for example. Additionally, the company has an opportunity to create strategic alliances that allows them to offer more services from a wide base of service providers that will complement the services offered by Meta-e. “We will continue building a go-to discovery resource for small and midsized firms and entities that have been traditionally overlooked by the bigger electronic discovery providers,” McVoy, who has been with Milberg for more than six years, added. “We will also be able to cater to plaintiff firms in a way that no one else can because we came from the plaintiff bar; we have crafted customized workflows that uniquely serve that bar.” Milberg’s litigation support and data hosting services division was formed five years ago as a spin-off to its eDiscovery Legal Practice. "This is the logical next step for what we have been building,” Ariana J. Tadler, executive committee member and group founder, said in a statement. “The new company is the perfect model for law firms seeking e-discovery services from those who have been in the trenches fighting the battle every day in real cases." Based in Stamford, Conn., the new business will continue to manage Milberg’s ongoing litigation support needs, as well as current customers. Meta-e Discovery will assist customers in maximizing the benefits of its existing Relativity Platform with its own proprietary workflow that aims at leveraging technology-assisted review that applies to productions received. Additionally, the company will develop new mobile computing and artificial intelligence software, specifically geared to the discovery process. “We are very excited by this move,” McVoy told Legaltech News. “The reception in the legal community and service provider community has been extremely positive. The market recognizes that there is an underserved segment that desperately needs the services, experience and expertise we offer. We look forward to helping these firms litigate their cases with the same tools as the larger firms, and as we are fond of saying, ‘leveling the discovery playing field.’”   Original Source:

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